Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I use Firefox as an internet browser?  Yes, you can.  You will need to add  a Flash  plug-in to your page, and you will be then able to view the website correctly.
 How do I enter my address if I do not live in the US?  

There is an option in the state drop down list, "International" which is specifically designed for alumni living in other countries. Select, "international"--It will not display in the directory. For alumni with international addresses, it will only display the city and the country.

 What type of picture files can I post on my class note, business yellow pages, or personal page?  This website will post small jpeg files.
 How do I format my personal page?

 Bold:  To make something bold, click the bold button and type in the text you want bold in the pop up window and then say OK.  

To Add Line Breaks:  Click the line break button once to start new text on the next line, click it once and then again a second time to have a blank line between the previous and new text..

 May I use the giving page if I live outside the US?

Currently, the giving page can be used by those living in US or Canada only.  For alumni living in other countries besides, the US and Canada, please contact:

Dorotea Reyna, Director of Development

CIIS  Office of Development,

1453 Mission Steet

San Francisco, CA 94103



 How do I give to programs, other than scholarships?  Please contact Dorotea Reyna, Director of Development (contact information is listed above)
 How do I make a donation from Japan, using a non-US Bank card?  Try using  "99999" in the zip code field when completing the giving page.
 How do I search for my classmates?  Click "Alumni Directory and either do a quick search or advanced search.  If you use the advanced search feature, please make certain to first select the "CIIS" option in the schools pull down menu, under the "Search by Extended Education Information" section . This will allow you to use the degree, major/concentration, and/or year fields in your query.  

Feedback, Technical Problems or Questions?
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