8 Week Class Starts March 8
Message from PCC Alumnus, Greg Mengel, Ph.D.

Beyond Separation: Whiteness and the Embodiment of a New Story
• Are you a white person wondering how to respond to the current moment and movement?
• Do you feel alone confronting racism, but unsure how to connect with like-minded people?
• Are you worried that you don’t know enough to speak up or step up?
• Are you looking for a conversation that moves beyond critical analysis to personal and collective healing?

In this highly interactive 8-week class for white-identified people*, we use multiple learning modalities, including multimedia, mindfulness, and movement-based activities to examine what it means to be white. We unpack the stories that inform whiteness and explore how we embody them in our lives.

Topics covered include: how our individual narratives intersect with broader currents of US history, how whiteness functions personally, culturally, and institutionally, how it resides in our body-minds, and, finally, how it impacts our own individual and collective well-being.

We believe that white people coming together to build trust, share stories, and be real in regards to our whiteness is an essential first step in the long journey to collective healing and liberation.
Course Facilitators: Elana Isaacs, Gregory Mengel, Angela Sevin
Where: Kehilla Community Synagogue in Piedmont

When: Thursday Nights 6:30pm - 9:30pm; March 8 - April 26 (a committed 8 week class)

Cost: $500 - $300 (Scholarships available)

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