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Friday, April 19, 2013  6:30 PM

Lecture: Time-Space-Knowledge vision (TSK) to transform Issues with Dr . Stephen Randall
A Lecture with Stephen Randall, Ph.D. (ICP '75, '79)

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
$10 donation supports the CIIS Alumni Scholarship Fund

Our typical approaches to resolving troubling conditions and issues are oblivious of the crucial insight that all these conditions as well as the self structure to which they seem to 'belong' are instant-by-instant, subconscious fabrications that don't need 'solving'. We can learn to see how the apparently continuous movie of life, with limiting habits of self at center stage, is actually a bewildering flurry of momentary, fleeting projections on the screen of ordinary consciousness.

"A dynamic of great potential is waiting to be activated. By focusing on time and space and on their interaction with knowledge, it may be possible to unify fields of learning that are now separate, and to bring together concerns that now seem opposed." (p. xvi, LOK, Tarthang Tulku)

The introductory lecture on Friday night and the workshop Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will be a blend of explorative dialog and meditative inquiry that investigate the presumptions, conditioning, and apparent limitations of our ordinary experience of time, space, and knowledge.

Participants of the lecture and workshop will receive Dr. Randall's new E-book outlining a radical new transpersonal psychology that complements, yet departs from Western psychologies in providing methods for dealing with troubling issues without reinforcing the sense of separate self presumed by psychologies. This book is based on Tarthang Tulku's secular Time-Space-Knowledge vision, which he foresaw in 1977 as a potential forum for interdisciplinary integrative studies in philosophy, psychology, science, religion, and spiritual disciplines.

Steve Randall (ICP '75, '79) was in the first Integral Counseling classes at CIIS in 1972. He became a meditation teacher for Berkeley‘s Nyingma Institute, and an editor for Dharma Publishing. After extensive training in the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision--first described by Tibetan Nyingma master Tarthang Tulku in 1977--he began leading TSK study groups. He co-edited two volumes titled Dimensions of Thought, with articles by professionals relating TSK to different fields. Steve co-founded the nonprofit TSK Association to further publicize TSK, and has taught in the US, Brazil, and Australia. Last year he completed Flow, Glow, and Zero: Discovering the Zone of Peak Performance, which applies TSK's unconventional views and direct methods to transpersonal psychology. He is developing, where TSK has been applied to time management, pain and stress management, business, and communication.

CIIS Mission Campus, Room 306
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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