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Saturday, October 20, 2012  1:00 PM

Yoga and Creativity, with Suraya Keating (EXA, '99)
Discover how yoga not only helps the creative process, it also serves as a framework for understanding that process. In this playful, experiential workshop we will use tools from yoga and expressive arts to learn to access our inner place of stillness, identify “creative blocks,” transform blocks into inspiration, and practice methods that nourish the creative process in each of its phases. In a portion of the workshop we will also discuss research on the vital role yoga can play in supporting mental health, particularly in individuals with depressive and anxiety disorders. Participants will leave the course with a kit of simple and effective tools to help them and those they work with build emotional resiliency, access inner resources, and thrive with creativity and well-being.

Fee: $55.00
Student Discount Fee: $30.00

Suraya Susana Keating, MFT, RDT, RYT, graduated from the Expressive Arts Therapy program (EXA ’99). She is a Registered Drama Therapist, actress, theater director, yoga teacher, and adjunct professor at Santa Rosa Junior College. She has brought the arts to children, adults, youth with special needs, and prison inmates. She trains educators and therapists internationally to interweave the arts into their work, and teaches yoga classes and workshops on yoga and creativity. Since 2003, she has taught drama, directed Shakespeare plays, and facilitated original theatre performances in San Francisco County jails and in San Quentin Prison.

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